Supporting Live Jazz Performance & Education
Sunday: 3/18 6:00 PM
Danny Kolke Trio
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JazzClubsNW is dedicated to supporting live Jazz performance and educational opportunities across the Pacific Northwest and within the communities in which we live.

JazzClubsNW provides support for Jazz performances, along with educational opportunities for future generations of musicians to meet, perform with and learn from professionals. Further, we work to support communities and Jazz musicians interested in starting their own clubs for Jazz in their home towns.

Cultural, Educational + Community Impact


Dan Marcus working with students at a high school jam session

Since 2010, our programming has made a significant impact in our communities. JazzClubsNW programming impacts students with support for educational & mentorship programming, cultural impact by supporting the performing arts and community impact by supporting venues and festivals.

A History of Accomplishment

Danny Kolke performing at Boxley’s during the North Bend Jazz Walk.  

We began as the Boxley Music Fund in 2010, supporting one venue, Boxley’s, in North Bend, Washington. In that time, we have experienced success in many ways beyond the scope of our original mission. The support of live jazz performance and education has helped lead a revitalization in old town North Bend.  Our Jazz Walk & Blues Walk have had a dramatic impact on the North Bend community and business district, promoting Jazz as a modern art form and also bringing in a significant surge of exposure to local small businesses during the events.  In addition, our original venue Boxley’s received recognition worldwide in Downbeat magazine as one of the best Jazz venues in the world.  [ read more ]

Member Supported


Smalls Jazz Club Concert at the B# Coffee House, Tacoma WA

JazzClubsNW is a membership-based, non-profit 501c3 organization, with hundreds of members in the local communities we serve throughout the Pacific Northwest. For their membership fee, members get admission to events at their local venue (without paying a cover charge), as well as access to our member website, through which they can stream thousands of hours of live music recorded at our partner venues. [ Read More ]

What is it About Jazz?

Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong

Born in America, Jazz is our indigenous art form. Jazz is one of the first public forums to cross racial barriers and has long been an environment for “equality on display”. Jazz is heard throughout our culture; in dance halls, concert halls, at festivals, in movies, television, in the foreground and in the background. Jazz is even taught in our schools.  Jazz is everywhere in our culture. [ read more ]

Supporting Student Programming


Mt Si High School performing at Hot Java Cool Jazz

JazzClubsNW is committed to helping students through the support of various programs. Some of these programs include ongoing recurring exposure to live performance of Jazz, support of clinics and teaching forums with professional artists, performance opportunities with professionals, scholarship programs to help support private lessons, recording opportunities and assistance with creating demo recordings and access to professional musicians in a family friendly environment.

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Supporting Live Jazz Music Performance


Mark Elf & Paul Gabrielson

JazzClubsNW is committed to helping musicians by providing support for live music venues, connecting fans and patrons, encouraging student learning and much more. Without our support Jazz in our small community venues would suffer and these venues would not be offering live Jazz music.  [ read more ]


Thank you for all your support!

For additional questions or ideas contact us at: jazzclubsnw@gmail.com.

JazzClubsNW Supporting Live Jazz Performance & Education

JazzClubsNW is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting live Jazz performance and
educational opportunities across the Pacific Northwest and within the communities in which we live.

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